terça-feira, março 23, 2010

My Autobiography

Sérgio de Souza Pires
My father Sebastião Pires is from Minas Gerais and my mother Cimira de Souza, is from Bahia. They came in São Paulo in 60’s e they met. Two years later, after that, they got married. When I was a child, I was naughty by nature, like every little baby, I was cute, little bit fatty and narry. Must the time I used to play with my dog called “Pingo”.

I used to watch cartoons like “Os Flinstones” and to play soccer with my friends. I had a friend and he was older than us and sometimes he picked me up to go to Morumbi stadium. There a saw Palmeiras time, at this time I was 7 years old, and this repeated many times after that. My father sometimes picked me up to see soccer game too.

With 7 years l had my first girlfriend. Mayre was her name. One year after, I found my second girlfriend, called Sônia. But… I never kissed than and they never knew that they were my girlfriend. Well… Since I was a child a get so in love so easily. I know, this is funny, but is true. Well, at this time I was a shy guy and a started to use glasses, and I still use glasses and I am shy since this time.

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  1. Very interesting, I want to read more.
    Sheila Prima.