domingo, novembro 04, 2012

One different world that authorities don't care

I had anopportunity to spend my time in a different world. Was one place that nobody care, and the people that live in this place are discriminate, because they live in the slum in one those poor section from São Paulo. There are a lot of houses made with wood, plastic and the kind of object to improvise the roof.
Each family has more than four kids and most of them don't have ID. Some improvised houses are the stream (brook), inside those smells not good. Whem rain, the stream stays full and get in the houses.
Inside of slum look's like a labyrinth, has many corridors, and sometimes has drug dealer, most of them are teenagers or unemployed. This is one big problem in Brazil, mainly in the big city. Most the people know that, but nobody care.
One day I get in this place to do one interview with the people from there. I was in front of mainly entrance and I asked permition for one young man. He did understand and started to ask me a lot of question, why interview? What are my goals? After explained to him, he introduces me to the place. suddenly the people from there treat me like a politician; they thought that I could resolve all problems.
Whem they show me all those problems, I stayed very sad. I did know how much problem had near for me.
One family invite me to get in a house to drink a cup of coffee. The place was very small. I sit down and I was drinking with them. I felt the smell of stream. After conversation, I prosed for them to put everything on newspaper, and I did, but the situation nothing was changed. My telephone doesn't stopped to play, because many people liked that I wrote, but the authorities don't care.

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  1. Dois dias após publicar este texto neste blog, o enviei para a CNN e para minha alegria o texto foi aceito.